Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why Sammy Flippen’s Death Sentence Is Unfair

The actions of the prosecutor in Sammy Flippen’s case show that the death penalty is disproportionate. Prior to Mr. Flippen’s retrial, the state offered to permit Mr. Flippen to plead guilty to second degree murder. When Mr. Flippen declined this offer, the state sought the death penalty. Were this case to happen today, it is extremely unlikely that Mr. Flippen would face execution. In 2001, the General Assembly changed the law, giving prosecutors the discretion not to seek the death penalty in a first degree murder case. Since 2001, numerous cases involving tragic murders of children have been declared noncapital and the offenders sentenced to life. Just in the last two weeks, a man in Charlotte pled guilty to stabbing his
two daughters to death. David Crespi was sentenced to life imprisonment. Meanwhile, in Orange County, the prosecutor announced he would not seek the death penalty for Jamie Wilson. Ms. Wilson has been charged with the first degree murder of her daughter who died of injuries suffered when she was placed in scalding hot bathwater.

The governor has the power to ensure that the death penalty is applied evenhandly and not in a haphazard and arbitrary fashion. By commuting Sam Flippen’s death sentence to life imprisonment, the governor can help restore public confidence in the fairness of our justice system. Your legislators must also decide how they are going to deal with this deeply flawed system.
To whom it may concern:
I am praying so very hard that Governor Easley will change his mind. I do not feel in my heart that this man deserves death. I know it was a great tragedy, as I have been keeping a close eye with WXII to see what develops. I do support the death penalty, and this is the first time that I have felt led to say anything. I have contacted the Governor, and I pray he will listen to what God has to say. Please tell Mr. Flippen that someone in Sparta, North Carolina has him on their mind.

I cannot tell you how this matter is affecting my life. I do not know this man personally, but I am praying for him. I have tried to contact Governor Easley to let him know that I would like to see clemency granted. I just feel in my heart that this is the wrong thing to do. My prayers also go out to all of the family members involved, but mainly to Mr. Flippen.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dear Governor Easley
In addition to Michael Earl Green only serving 1 year 8 months and 17 days for the long cruel torturous death of his 5 year old son, Daniel Carlson arrested and charged with capital murder in 2003 in the beating death of his 23 month old step-daughter subsequently ''released'' on bond and 3 years after her death, Andrea Chavarria's tortured life and subsequent death have received no justice through any reported court actions. Where is Daniel Carlson? How long does it take to schedule a trial for killing a toddler in Cumberland County? In Johnston Country last year, a judge sentenced Jessie Ullom to 1 year probation for causing the death of his son by felony child abuse. 1 year probation? Oh yeah, the judge also had him contribute $1,000 towards the child's funeral expenses. Sam Flippen must pay with his life. [Jared Green would be 10 and Andrea would have turned 6 this month and Christian would have been 4.] Can you reasonable explain to me the reasons for these extreme inconsistent punishments for killing a child in North Carolina. Jared was tortured for 31 hours and left taped to a chair in a closet, all alone, to die his slow painful death. Andrea was reported to have been abused most all of her life. Christian Norris was shaken into a vegetable at age 3 months (then the court gave him to his grandmother) - and he died just before his 3rd birthday.
Truly, if you look at the recent ''landmark'' legislation for child sex offenders you will note that it was so watered down it could NOT be called "Jessica's Law" <-- proof that North Carolina does NOT value children. .
Perhaps you think executing Sam Flippen will make you look ''tough'' on child abusers and crime. If you wanted to look tough on child abuse fatalities, perhaps you should not have deleted from your 2003 Budget the only paid position which dealt with child fatalities in North Carolina. Typically, In America, an election demands a show of strength and impressing the masses with a "I'm tough on crime" and "child abuse" image. Well, Mike McInyre ran his campaign on 'NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE TOO BUSY TO HELP A CHILD." He won the election and promptly became 'too busy' to help a child. Roy T. Cooper's annual report doesn't even use the word "child" - all the crimes committed on babies and children are lumped into general categories of "rape" - "murder" - "assault" ...
Lucky for you guys the U S Supreme Court holds no value for children either. The Supremes held that Child Protection Services is not responsible for it's failure to protect a child who was subsequently beaten into a vegetable by his father -- they ruled a child has no 14th Amendment right to due process to protect life; and the 8th Amendment only prevents cruel and unusual punishment for criminals, not kids. In April 2002, the U. S. Supreme Court did overturn the Child Online Pornography Protection Act of 1996 and gave Creators of Virtual Child Pornography unlimited and total First Amendment rights to tape, video, print, and publish all manners of babies and children images in all manners of perverted and beastly sexual acts. Is there no end to enabling and encouraging all manners of abuse and death of babies and children through ineffective, unjust, laws and Supreme Court rulings?
". . . . do what is right and just and fair." -- Proverbs 1:3 and, yes, it does apply on-the-job.
Myra Kinderknecht

Monday, August 14, 2006

Jill, actually last night after reading your last blog entry I wrote my local radio station an email. I wrote it to their morning show and then replied back immediatley this morning and are going to talk about it this morning. Ill get back with you after I hear it and tell you how it went.

Jill, the morning show did great. They read my email on air and they messaged me back on myspace saying they would pray for all of us and our family. All three of the morning show hosts sent me messages on there saying within minutes they had been getting emails asking how to get more information on the case. They even sent me a message that one of their listeners sent them. IT reads:

In regards to the e-mail that you read this mornig, I believe that if there was no sign of previous violence betweeen the dad and teh child, that there is no way that it was premeditated. Accidents happen. I will keep Sammy and his family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that God helps the Govenor make the correct decision. After all, there are plenty of people who get out of prison when they are the ones that committed the crime.

They said they would continue to send me the messages they got. Im very pleased with how well it went. Keep up the great work on your site. It's very informative. They are giving out your site as one of the information points.

Jill, here is a link to the morning show's hosts. They made a blog for sammy.
They also are sopposed to be sending me the private messages they are getting.

I sent the following to the Governor just now. -- I guarantee you this will come up sooner or later during election time.

Michael Earl Green who with his girlfriend purposefully tortured, abused and beat his 5-year old son -- duct taped to a chair arms, legs, and body. and head. After abuse and forced injection of water, the little boy still duct taped to the chair was placed alone in a library room. Hours later when the girlfirend checked on him, Jared Green had fallen over in the chair. She called the father who said to put him in a closet, gagged, bound, and probably terrified beyond any imagination - Jared was left in closet for 18 hours I think. After 31 hours, the child died.

FOR THIS EGRIGOUS MURDER -- Michael Green was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

A NEW STATE LAW made it possible for him to get out of prison early. 13 years early

He served 1 year 8 months and 17 days for torturing and murder of his 5 year old son.
He was released from prison on a COURT ORDER.

NOW EXPLAIN TO ME IF YOU WILL -- how you can justify freeing one man and killing the other.


I am not up to date on the Flippen case so I don’t know the details YET. But something is wrong -- very wrong --- and I am going to find out what it is.

Child Abuse seems to be more of a pastime than a crime here anyway.

Myra Kinderknecht
Sammy is my cousin and he does not deserve to die. One thing I have learned is our "justice System" DOES NOT work. Inocent people are inprisioned and even killed.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

You are right there is a reason for everything- but in your case I just cant find it right now. Unless its to get us closer to God and get us on our Knees more because we have like never before. And yes, your family and friends are here for you and even though slack on writing and visiting you have never been forgotten and we have been praying for you because we do love and believe in you.
Crystal Flippen- (Bryan,Kari,&Beth)
While I can not attend the vigil I want to let you know that I also know Sammy. Sammy went to church with me at Grace Baptist Temple and my mother was his sitter as well as his siblings. Sammy is a few years older than me and he spent more time with my brother. My mother has said all along that she just can not believe that Sammy should be executed. I am a anti-death penalty in all cases but this one really hits close to home. My prayers are with Sammy right now and I can only pray that Gov. Easley grants clemency.

In Liberty, peace and love,
Eric H. S.

I wanted to comment on the news article in the Independent Weekly. That reporter has done like no other. In print, he raised the question of "What if we are about to execute an innocent man?" This is exactly the type of press this case needs in order to get our message out there that Sammy's case is riddled with injustice! Everyone please visit that article site and post comments if you wish. Make your voice heard. That is a very strong article. We need more articles like that one!

And this comment is for Jill Wilkes: Lady, you are what they call a class act. Regardless of how this all turns out for Sammy, you have done an outstanding job leading this campaign. You have done Sammy, his family, and his friends VERY proud! God bless you!

Friday, August 11, 2006

I wanted to comment on the news article in the Independent Weekly. That reporter has done like no other. In print, he raised the question of "What if we are about to execute an innocent man?" This is exactly the type of press this case needs in order to get our message out there that Sammy's case is riddled with injustice! Everyone please visit that article site and post comments if you wish. Make your voice heard. That is a very strong article. We need more articles like that one!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


You take a closer look at who else,but yourself?
You close your eyes and dream you're somewhere else.
You think of others, and what they're doing now,
Then seeing yourself only brings you down.
You feel as if the world is coming down on only you,
But then you look around, there are others here too.
You think to yourself, I'd be better off dead,
Then the love of family and friends chases that from your head.
You face reality not liking what you see.
You think of a million other places you would rather be.
You wish you had the answers in the palm of your hand,
But theres a reason for everything,and this you understand...sometimes.

written by: Sammy Flippen

...wish upon a star

I could wish to be free
could wish to see the sunrise over the coast,
wish to see my family and to sit with them at the table
to have a family of my own
to hold my newborn child
to put my arms around someone I love
to eat drink and be merry
to be this, or to have that.
Oh the wishes I could wish, but I can't see any stars!

written by: Sammy Flippen

Wednesday, August 09, 2006



Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I don't know Sammy personally. I am a friend of someone that is close to Sammy. She had told me of this case a long time ago and at the time I had my doubts about his innocence. But she was my friend and she felt very strongly that justice was not served so I decided to look into this case for myself. I am by no means an expert on legal matters but when reading the transcipts, several things jumped out at me that didn't set right w/ this case. I now believe in Sammy's innocence, too. I have written the Gov and have passed this info along to others that have written also. I want Sammy's family and friends to know that there are others praying and hoping along w/ you.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Posted by Shannon in response to the Greensboro News & Record article about Sammy:

I am against Sammy Flippen being executed. If anyone remembers correctly, the DA's office offered him a charge of 2nd degree murder, and he turned it down. To me this action shows that Mr. Flippen believes he is innocent, as do many of his supporters, but if he is not, serving life is prison is enough punishment.

The death of that little girl is a horrible thing, but so would be killing another family's child. Let us not forget that Samuel Flippen is someone's son, brother, and friend! He is not a horrible monster. He has a heart, and he does feel pain, and sadness over Brittany's death. Even the little girl's Dad does not want Sammy executed!
Does that not say anything to you people?

I totally agree that this is cruel and unusual punishment to execute this man. Anyone who believes that this is the proper thing to do, with all of the unanswered questions, and the lingering flaws with lethal injection execution are just afraid to face the facts.

Just think, it shocked us to hear that our perfect Sammy was being accused of this, let alone found guilty and punished with death. Believe me, if Samuel Flippen, the nicest person I ever met could be accused of this, it could be you in our shoes one day. Nobody is exempt from this happening to you or someone you love.

We as citizens, have to stop letting the judicial system get away with everything. I personally know lawyers, and others involved in the judicial system who agree that there are serious flaws in our system. They literally can't function, knowing how inept it is. The system has been shown to be flawed in numerous ways, and we just keep standing by.
I am outraged that more people are not against this type of punishment. These sentences are entirely erratic, and don't make any since. And I for one am sickened by the way that we the people of the great state of North Carolina just let it continue.

Even if Mr. Flippen were to get clemency, his life will still be hell. Isn't that enough for all of you people seeking proper punishment?Living in prison is not where any of us would like to be for the rest of our lives.

I for one believe that healing is through Forgiveness, NOT Vengeance!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My name is Gina and I knew Sammy from a very early age. His grandparents live beside me and I will always remember all the fun we had playing hide and go seek and other things. There was always a yard full of kids which was a great way to grow up. I know in my heart that Sammy is innocent. He has always loved everyone and I could not see him ever hurting anyone. What happened was tragic but I will never believe that he could have done it. I love him and his family dearly and they are all in our thoughts and prayers.
My name is Lori. I went to school with Sammy and Tammy and Chris at Gospel Light. We all rode the same school bus. I have thought about Sammy for yrs. I wondered how he was doing and how he was holding up. To be honest, I could not imagine any of this to be true! Sammy was always such a sweet and caring person. He always had a smile on his face. I just recently found out about this site. I wish I had known sooner-I would have loved to gone to that rally to show my support. He's been on my mind for so long and I've been praying for him and his family. I have thought a million times about writing him but wasn't even sure where to find an address. I'm not even sure he would remember me but when you talk to him please tell him my prayers are with him and his family and if I can do anything or if he needs anything just let me know. What a true friend you are Jill to stand by him for all these yrs. Most friends lose touch as the yrs go by. He's lucky to have such a wonderful friend in you. I don't know all the details about his case-I just have always felt that there had to be another way than sending him to jail. I have a child of my own and I know that sometimes when the crying is going on for what seems like forever, you just want to scream -I know this is something that could have happened to anyone that has ever had a child and I hate that it happened to Sammy, such a nice and wonderful person! I wish they would release him-I will certainly write the governor on Sammy's behalf! Thank you for all you do for him!
Jill, I do not know you or Sammy but I am friends with his mother Rita and a co-worker of hers. I appreciate your boldness and hard work that you have done for Sammy. I am praying for Sammy and that everything will work out fine for him. I do not care what man says, GOD has the final say and only HE knows what is going on and what has truly happened. Sometimes people appear to be getting away with lies and what evil they have hidden but you reap what you sow. I am pleased to know that Sammy has given his life to Christ because that is most important. I am not worried because even if we as people do not get what we are looking for God never makes a mistake. God bless you and God bless Sammy and his family. Tell Sammy to keep his faith and eyes on God. God will prevail

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I think that what you're doing is fantastic! I've emailed the
governor as well as everyone on the Death Penalty commission. Pricey
Harrison has promised to push. She hadn't heard a lot about his case,
and she was glad to hear about your blog.

I also have sent an editorial to the Journal this afternoon. It would
be really great if you encouraged everyone to flood the local papers
with information. The one thing that is great about having the
liberal media is they do tend to hate the death penalty, and I think
that a lot of people need to hear the meat of this story, and they're
only getting what the summary was from the prosecution.

I'm sure that there are many facts that I don't know that I think you
probably, anything that would be useful to present for letters
to the editor would be fantastic.

I met Sammy a long time ago when I was in high school at Kerwin. I
think that what has happened to him is truly horrible, and I pray for
him every day, but I'm thankful that he's had a loyal friend like you
to support him for all that time.

Take care,

Hi Jill,
Sammy was in our home many times as a teenager since he was friends with our three children. He was always polite and kind when he was there and a lot of fun too. A joy to have around.
Since his arrest and conviction, he and his family have been on our hearts and in our prayers. The first year Sammy was in prison, he made a Christmas Card out of a paper bag and sent it to us. It was so beautiful and meant so much to us.
We don't know what happened that day when Britnie died. And what a sad day for so many people. But premeditation wasn't proven and as the law states, that is a necessary circumstance for the death penalty to be handed down. Surely, without that proof, they will not follow through with this execution. That is our prayer along with continued prayers for all the people involved on both sides of this tragedy.
God bless you for what you are trying to accomplish. We only heard about the rally when we saw it in the newspaper. As we all know, God knows the true story and He also holds Britnie in His arms.
My name is Melissa and like many of the rest of you, I have known Sammy nearly all my life. He holds a special place in my heart and always will. There are countless memories that I could share, but the message would be the same over and over. Sammy's life should have turned out in a very different way, as should Britnie's. Britnie's life should not have ended the way it did and Sammy's should not end by execution. He is the kind of person that you can never forget. When you think of him, you can't help but smile. I send love and prayers to him and his family. Thanks for sharing the pictures Jill and Joel. They made my heart feel light!
I do not know Sammy Flippen, personally. I only know of him, by being friends with some of Sammy’s old high school friends, as well as meeting his brother. I heard the infamous ‘Sammy Flippen’ story from friends, and from others who knew him. I will admit that I never had any real interest in Sammy’s story, but I listened nonetheless.

Years ago, during an ugly argument with my then roommate, who just happened to be one of Sammy’s friends, I did something so horrible. I used Sammy’s situation as a knife to take stabs at my roommate, yelling at him something about his friends being nothing more than ‘baby killers sitting on death row’. I will never forget the way my roommate immediately jumped to Sammy’s defense. Even though that happened in the middle of an argument, I knew my roommate well, and I knew that he would not defend someone with such conviction, unless he truly believed that Sammy deserved defending! As soon as I made that comment about Sammy, I wished I could take it back. It was thoughtless, and hateful.

Time goes by, and people move on. And I never thought of that argument or Sammy Flippen again until a few days ago, when I heard the announcement on the news that an execution date had been set. While listening to the news report, I immediately flashed back to that horrible moment when I threw Sammy’s name and situation in someone’s face, like it was a piece of trash. I felt sick and had to grab for the closest chair to hold onto. The news flashed Sammy’s picture on the screen. And although I had been around people who knew Sammy for years, I had never seen Sammy’s face before.

Over the past few weeks I have researched and read everything published that I can find regarding Sammy’s case. And although I am not a lawyer, I find many inconsistencies and several holes in the prosecutions case. I don’t think this case proved, beyond a doubt, that Sammy is guilty. I believe the death penalty should be reserved for cases in which NO DOUBT exists.

Most of the posts on this site are from Sammy’s family and friends. I am neither. I am a person who believed the initial media reports and stories regarding the death of Britnie. I am also a person who has witnessed several people over the years stand up for Sammy and defend him at any cost. The people defending him are not strangers to me. They are past friends, current friends, church members, teachers, pastors, and even neighbors that live on my street! ALL of these people can not be wrong in their belief that Sammy is not the cold blooded monster the reports made him out to be.

I encourage everyone, whether you know Sammy personally or not, to take a look at this case. It is not black and white. There is room for doubt, and therefore we should all speak out and ask the Governor to intervene on Sammy’s behalf.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Picture
One innocent, lonely, scared young man,
With only a pen, and paper in hand.
Questions are bountiful inside his mind,
as he sits there doing time.

Time is his friend, and his enemy too.
Yet he is no different than me or you.
He hurts inside, although it doesn't show.
As feelings of fear continue to grow.

He loves and is loved by family and friends.
Yes, he hurts for himself, but more for them.
For they too are victims, of a system gone bad,
And as strong as they are, still sometimes they're sad.

It helps him to know that he is not alone.
What helps even more is that God is still on the throne.
God is the one who puts the wind in our sail,
And we know in the end, He will prevail.

As one of his children, i'm never alone.
I know for sure that someday soon,
"I'll be coming home."

Written by Sammy Flippen
I have a stepbrother who is serving a lifetime sentence in prison (he was with the wrong person at the wrong time) so I understand how bad a sentence that is. Boy we are just thankful that he did not get this young mans death sentence. I will write a note to the governors office to grant clemancy also. I am praying for you. Just don't ever give up.
My name is Tammy and I have known Sammy his whole life, he is my younger brother. We grew up close because we were very close in age, 4 days of every year we are the same age. We went to school together, in high school we had some of the same classes. When we graduated we worked together and hung out together. Growing up he was my closest and most constant friend. We are brother and sister so I can tell you he is not perfect, he is my brother that picked on me and made me his target more times than I can count. I would remeber stuff from when we were younger and he would say "what day was it?" just to aggrivate me. Picking and joking that is Sammy, not the monster the press has created in peoples heads. He loved Britnie and was a good daddy to her, I was there alot so I saw first hand how much he loved her. Sammy is a good brother and friend who has a very big heart and a personallity to match. We all love him and want him to live so pray without ceasing for my brothers life.
Hey Jill...This is Keith again, the cop. If you havent figured out who I am, my dad was choir director for many years at your old church.

I have written the Governor and many of the State Representatives about Sammy, and I have gotten several email responses....some good..some just neutral, but none negative.

I would urge everyone that reads these posts to email the Governor and as many State Representatives as you can. I doubt that Sammy will ever be free...but, maybe we can help the Governor make a good and just decision as to Sammy's clemency. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

You are doing a great job.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My daugher met Sammy at the beach, and I remember her calling me and saying she had met the "PERFECT GUY". Sammy came to our house and was always a perfect gentleman. My daugher went to church with him and he went to church with us. They each went their separate ways after the summer - but we always kept in touch with Sammy. I had told my two daughters that if I had had a son, I would have wanted him to be just like Sammy. As a mother, my heart goes out to Britnie's mother and also Sammy's mother. PLEASE HELP SAVE SAMMY!!
Hello, my name is Amanda. Sammy Flippen is one of the sweetest, nicest, funniest people I have ever met. I did not know him that well until a few months before he went to prison. I thank God everyday that I met Sammy, and that we got to be part of each others lives. I am a better person for knowing him. I love him, and his family very much. Please do what you can to help save Sammy. Write, e-mail, and call the Governor. Every little bit makes a difference. Let all keep Sammy, his family, and friends in our prayers.
Hello Jill, this is Keith. You know I am a police officer and I am a firm believer in the death penalty. However, I do NOT believe Sammy deserves it. I feel for him, his friends and especially Rita, him mom. I remember her requesting prayer for Sammy at every service. I don't know how much it will help, but I have written the Governor requesting that Sammy's execution be reconsidered.
Take Care,
I'm sorry I'm not available to attend the rally tonight. I realize it begins only 20 minutes from. You're all in my thoughts. I'm sure many of the other readers of this site who can't make it to the rally are looking forward to hearing about it.
My name is Tammy and I have known Sammy since high school. Sammy is such a fun loving person to be around. He could always make you smile and laugh and was such a fun person to be around . I know he has a special place in my heart and I have been impacted by what he and his family is going thru.. I will be showing my support at the rally and I feel that everyone that knows Sammy should show support too. Anyone who knows Sammy knows he is not deserving of this kind of justice. We all need to do what we can to help a friend because he would do the same if it was us. That is just the kind of person he is.
Hello Jill,
My name is Shera. I would just like to thank you for all your efforts to "Save Sammy" I know that my sister and mother have emailed you (Shannon) They are coming to the rally but I am on bed rest and don't think it wise for the health of my babies that I come...but I do want you to know that I will be present in spirit and prayer. I always thought that Sammy was the kind of man that you would either want your daughter to marry or for your son to be like. What a kind gentle soul! I only wish that the people who are making these decisions knew him as I did. Please let Sammy know that he is in not only my but a tremendous amount of peoples thoughts and prayers. The only bright light in this situation is that if "things" are carried through he will be leaving us for a far greater place! I truly believe that the Lord will take care of such a precious soul!
I am a nurse of 27 years and my husband is a minister. We have known the Flippin family for more than 20 years, and I taught Sammy in high school. He was always respectful, considerate, even tempered and friendly to others. Over my years of nursing practice, I have seen incidents of malpractice and negligence, where physicians would not accommodate families to obtain a second opinion, because they did not want their own mistakes/negligence discovered. I have also lost a son at the age of 3,1/2. While my heart goes out to Britani's mother and grandparents, at least Sammy summoned the EMS to her side. If her death was premeditated, Sammy would not have summoned help. His family was always reaching out to others in sorrow or need. He, too had the same compassion. Please reconsider his sentence for August 18th. Our prayers are with you all.
hi my name is paul. i have known sammy along time since we were in highschool together.we hung out alot during schoool & after we graduated. i have given a statement to be reviewd by the govenor to try & help sammy's case be commuted please do what you can to help . come to the rally & send as many letters & emails to the govenor that you can. thanks
Life is but a precious gift that no one but God has the right to remove. We should rightfully take care of our own but have no right to decide others fate.I would ask that all pray for God's intervention in this matter and leave judgment to him and him alone. Evil that lives in the heart will only serve to make you sad and cause much unhappiness and unrest within yourself!Is there not enough suffering and pain spent living in a place on earth that we would all call Hell (Prison)? I ask all to let our maker make the decision ----- none of us know when one day we might be falsely accused or judged by others. Only God knows the truth!I will pray daily for Rita, family and Sammy.
God bless,
Jill C.
Hi. I went to school with Sammy. I was friends with him then, and also remained friends with him after we graduated. I attended the trial. I do not feel he is guilty, however even if he was, the crime does not met the NC guidelines for the death penalty. NC law requires premeditation before the death penalty can be imposed. Premeditation has never been established. I hope everyone who knows him will write AND call the Governor to express an opinion about this case. Politicians listen to voters. Let the Governor know where you stand.
Thank you.
Bobbi Jo
Hi my name is Shannon and I knew Sammy a long time ago. He has still remained to this day my Mom’s “favorite.” I wrote a blog to help contribute, I don’t know if you will post it or not since my family has not been directly involved. Sammy has been in our thoughts and prayers for years. My mother had a special attachment to Sammy and has shared her interest for years in visiting or sending him letters. She just didn’t know how to got about it. She is fighting her own struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and can hardly write and can’t drive anymore. She has had access to the internet and has kept a very close watch on Sammy’s case. This is so painful for her. She feels, as we all do for the loss of a little child, but we have always believed in Sammy. His smile and positive attitude were contagious. I have forwarded the blog site to all of my friends and family, and asked that they spread the site. They all remember Sammy as being the handsome, kind, and loving one, and we are all just sickened by the sentence that may be carried out. One child gone is enough, healing is through forgiveness in our hearts, not through talking another life. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do.