Monday, August 14, 2006

Jill, actually last night after reading your last blog entry I wrote my local radio station an email. I wrote it to their morning show and then replied back immediatley this morning and are going to talk about it this morning. Ill get back with you after I hear it and tell you how it went.

Jill, the morning show did great. They read my email on air and they messaged me back on myspace saying they would pray for all of us and our family. All three of the morning show hosts sent me messages on there saying within minutes they had been getting emails asking how to get more information on the case. They even sent me a message that one of their listeners sent them. IT reads:

In regards to the e-mail that you read this mornig, I believe that if there was no sign of previous violence betweeen the dad and teh child, that there is no way that it was premeditated. Accidents happen. I will keep Sammy and his family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that God helps the Govenor make the correct decision. After all, there are plenty of people who get out of prison when they are the ones that committed the crime.

They said they would continue to send me the messages they got. Im very pleased with how well it went. Keep up the great work on your site. It's very informative. They are giving out your site as one of the information points.

Jill, here is a link to the morning show's hosts. They made a blog for sammy.
They also are sopposed to be sending me the private messages they are getting.


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