Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dear Governor Easley
In addition to Michael Earl Green only serving 1 year 8 months and 17 days for the long cruel torturous death of his 5 year old son, Daniel Carlson arrested and charged with capital murder in 2003 in the beating death of his 23 month old step-daughter subsequently ''released'' on bond and 3 years after her death, Andrea Chavarria's tortured life and subsequent death have received no justice through any reported court actions. Where is Daniel Carlson? How long does it take to schedule a trial for killing a toddler in Cumberland County? In Johnston Country last year, a judge sentenced Jessie Ullom to 1 year probation for causing the death of his son by felony child abuse. 1 year probation? Oh yeah, the judge also had him contribute $1,000 towards the child's funeral expenses. Sam Flippen must pay with his life. [Jared Green would be 10 and Andrea would have turned 6 this month and Christian would have been 4.] Can you reasonable explain to me the reasons for these extreme inconsistent punishments for killing a child in North Carolina. Jared was tortured for 31 hours and left taped to a chair in a closet, all alone, to die his slow painful death. Andrea was reported to have been abused most all of her life. Christian Norris was shaken into a vegetable at age 3 months (then the court gave him to his grandmother) - and he died just before his 3rd birthday.
Truly, if you look at the recent ''landmark'' legislation for child sex offenders you will note that it was so watered down it could NOT be called "Jessica's Law" <-- proof that North Carolina does NOT value children. .
Perhaps you think executing Sam Flippen will make you look ''tough'' on child abusers and crime. If you wanted to look tough on child abuse fatalities, perhaps you should not have deleted from your 2003 Budget the only paid position which dealt with child fatalities in North Carolina. Typically, In America, an election demands a show of strength and impressing the masses with a "I'm tough on crime" and "child abuse" image. Well, Mike McInyre ran his campaign on 'NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE TOO BUSY TO HELP A CHILD." He won the election and promptly became 'too busy' to help a child. Roy T. Cooper's annual report doesn't even use the word "child" - all the crimes committed on babies and children are lumped into general categories of "rape" - "murder" - "assault" ...
Lucky for you guys the U S Supreme Court holds no value for children either. The Supremes held that Child Protection Services is not responsible for it's failure to protect a child who was subsequently beaten into a vegetable by his father -- they ruled a child has no 14th Amendment right to due process to protect life; and the 8th Amendment only prevents cruel and unusual punishment for criminals, not kids. In April 2002, the U. S. Supreme Court did overturn the Child Online Pornography Protection Act of 1996 and gave Creators of Virtual Child Pornography unlimited and total First Amendment rights to tape, video, print, and publish all manners of babies and children images in all manners of perverted and beastly sexual acts. Is there no end to enabling and encouraging all manners of abuse and death of babies and children through ineffective, unjust, laws and Supreme Court rulings?
". . . . do what is right and just and fair." -- Proverbs 1:3 and, yes, it does apply on-the-job.
Myra Kinderknecht


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